Hellloooooo world.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I’ve been, busy, you know, somehow…  Anyways, new obsession ( along with John Krasinski)

How many stereotypes does it take to make Pinto? 1 HIPSTER AND A JOCK BABY!

You probably recognize Zachary Quinto ( the one on the left) from Heroes [Sylar], Star Trek [ Spock ] etc. The one of the left, Chris Pine, you’ll have seen in Just My Luck [ Jake] Princess Diaries 2 [ Nicholas] Small Town Saturday Night [ Rhett], Star Trek [ James T. Kirk], Blind Dating, etc. They’ve been compared to Clooney and Pitt, need I say more?

Anyways, I’m officially an all A student! Woo!

Anyways, I just watched a 2009 cinescape, and I’m going to go on a compare/contrast rant.

Movies: In 2009 we were graced with amazing movies like Star Trek, Avatar ( okay, hated the plot and director, but it was amazing), 500 Days of Summer, Julie & Julia etc. This year we’ve gotten, Inception and Unstoppable. Yes, those are the only noteworthy movies. Although, 2010 was definitely the year of indie films, with movies like Small Town Saturday Night owning the critic’s hearts. I’d like to point out a few things though that make 2009’s movies all the more better than 2010’s.

Romances: As far as romance went this year, it was crappy. We were visually abused shown ‘romantic’ films like The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Burlesque, neither of which had any true plot or any reality to them. Where Burlesque does display an interesting view on the more sexually driven dreams of movie-goers, it was a simple copy of 2002’s Chicago. Where Burlesque was lacking in any true romance, there was Eclipse to make up for it. With no distinguishable signs of a romantic plot that wasn’t completely unbelievable or creepy, and no strong plot line, Eclipse seemed to be a fan fiction gone bad. Not only does it promote controlling relationships where the male side is more dominant, it also is completely unrealistic. I will acknowledge that it is classified as fantasy, but this just seems like the original author ( Stephenie Meyer) wanted to create an ‘interesting’ plot line to give the book another genre besides teen angst and teen romance. The entire movie verges on Mary-Sue Fan Fiction and is just generally bad. The acting is unspeakable, rather than spending millions on promoting the film ( which was useless anyways, the entire series has a raging teen fanbase), the production company should have spent money on their lead trio’s acting classes.

Action/Thriller: This year, we had a little bit of good luck in this genre. Some noteworthy films are Inception, Black Swan and Unstoppable. Leonardo DiCaprio made a much-needed come back this year with his blockbuster Inception, the entire film was excellent, and much credit goes to the director, Christopher Nolan. The filming was excellent, and the general philosophy behind it was intriguing. Black Swan, is a psycho-thriller with many sexual and sensual points. Although I have yet to see the film ( I’ve got a good few years before I can legally watch it), I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from those who have seen it, even some very conservative Catholic friends of mine were raving about it. And now, onto one of my favorite films of the year, Unstoppable. As someone who is already biased to any and all Chris Pine films ( with the exception of Just My Luck and Princess Diaries 2, those had terrible scripts), I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched the film. The entire movie keeps your heart-beating intensely and never lets you relax to the back of your chair. The acting is excellent, Chris Pine and Denzel Washington make an excellent duo, although not as good as 2009’s Pine and Quinto ( more affectionately referred to by their fan base as Pinto), and the script was wonderful.

Comedy: Another lacking genre this year, the only good films were Date Night, I Love You Philip Morris and Due Date. An honorable mention is Morning Glory, which was an interesting flick starring Rachel McAdams. As an avid comedy watcher, I was displeased with this years comedies. Date Night, with comedic couple Tina Fey and Steve Carrell was definitely the best comedy of the year. Although their on-screen chemistry isn’t the greatest, that’s what gives the movies it’s charm and appeal, they just simple are awkward. As with any Jim Carrey movie, you will not be disappointed with I Love You Philip Morris, it’s a humorous look into the life of a con-artist. I saw this in the U.K back in March ( I don’t believe it’s come out here in the US yet) and there was rarely a time when I wasn’t laughing. Due Date, with Zach Gail Gale Galiaf Galifinakis and Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious, and anyone production company that can find someone who can spell Zach Galifinakis’ name properly obviously has good resources.

Horror: I won’t even start on this one.

2009: The year of good movies? I would vote it as one. 2009 boasted some of the greatest movies of the decade, and I don;t think anyone was disappointed by the year’s movies.

Romances: YES! I have been itching to talk about this for a while. ( No pun intended). 2009’s romances were realistic in the best possible way. Ending the summer movie season was 500 Days of Summer, starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levvit. It was a refreshing movie about how real life romance works. Person A meets Person B. Person A falls for Person B. Person B falls for Person A. Person B packs up an leaves. It’s a truly funny movie, with some scenes that are so realistic and so relatable, you lose the line between movie and reality. Zooey Deschanel is a quirky actress with awesome capabilities ( Kristen Stewart take note), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good actor, although I do think he’s more suited for comedic roles rather than romance/comedy roles, but nonetheless he did an excellent job.

Action: Alright, another killer genre this year. With the reboot of Star Trek, Avatar, 2012, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you can’t have not found an action movie you liked. I’ll start with trek,  because if anyone from my family reads this and sees that I haven’t mentioned Trek, I wont be living in the house any longer ( We’re trekkies, yes, I’ve got a nerdy family, get over it,). Star Trek brought a nearly dead fandom- no, culture, into the 21st century, and JJ Abrams managed to concoct a movie that gave us original Trekkies a series worthy movie, while also making Trek cool again. I went into the theatre on opening day with my dad, and was honestly absolutely astonished once the film had ended, save my initial reaction after it had ended which went something a long the lines of, ” NOOO!! DON’T END! COME BACK!” I was so, so, pleased with this movie. Star Trek had officially become cool. This movie also brought indie actor Chris Pine, and small screen actor Zachary Quinto into the limelight. Their onscreen chemistry is undeniably awesome, and the tenseness you feel between Spock and Kirk in the beginning is great. As the movie progresses, you really feel a reflection of Shatner in Pine’s acting, although he brings a modern and quirky twist to it. In a few shots during the film, Mr. Quinto turns to one side, and he is the spitting image of Leonard Nimoy. Oh, did I mention, THEY BROUGHT BACK SPOCK! Oh yes, Leonard Nemoy came back as ‘Spock Prime’. And the general cast is quite a good looking cast to name a few very good looking people, Eric Bana, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana ( I totally have a girl crush on her, she’s soo intellectual), Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Anton Yelchin, John Cho, etc. I’ll fly over Harry Potter quickly because I know you’ve all seen it. Essentially, this movie created a great linking sequence for ‘Deathly Hallows’ and kept the teen angst and raging hormones, to a good medium ( unlike Twilight,). The filming was great, and I loved seeing Dan, Rupert, Tom and Emma expand their acting capabilities, they’ve become quite accomplished actors and actresses. Some of the shots in the film are really haunting, a particularly interesting one is a panning shot of Hogwart’s Castle, where through the windows you can see Draco Malfoy looking awkward and conflicted, Ron Weasley and his new love interest ( Lavender Brown) and Hermione Granger looking rather care-worn. It’s just a charming image, especially for us teens who know what this period is like.

Comedy: Okay, lemme name-drop for a second, The Hangover, Up, 500 Days of Summer, The Proposal, Bruno, Julie & Julia. Need I say more?


If I’ve not made my point you need to stop watching Twilight and Hannah Montana and go see something real. then I’m sorry about losing you on that, but I’m sure the music part will win you over.

2010: With strong singers like Enrique Inglesias switching over to the laziness of autotune, 2010 has not been a strong year for pop music either.

Pop: Nicki Minaj. I’m sorry, can this girl even sing? All of her songs are completely auto-tuned, it’s pathetic. Enrique Inglesias switched over to the dark side with his song ‘ I Like It’ and the Bieber Fever has spread, yet he hasn’t gotten any better.

Country: Already, country gets some props, converting acting talents like Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Pine to the genre ( see Country Strong and Small Town Saturday Night). But with Taylor Swift releasing her new album about, yes you guessed it, any guy who’s ever looked at her funny, country’s lost out.

Punk Pop: Right. The Downtown Fiction have been quite pleasing this year, but it seems like Punk Pop bands have joined the likes of rock and roll bands and gone underground, which is quite a shame, because Punk Pop music is fun to listen to.

Disney ‘Music’: Alright, this is unfair, because when has Disney music EVER been good? But frankly, I’m even more disappointed this year, with Miley Cyrus releasing her overly-sexual music videos for her songs ‘Who Owns My Heart?’ and ‘Can’t Be Tamed’, this girl is spewing skankiness quicker than Octomom and her babies. And the Jonas Brother’s have a lack of music this year, not good boys, not good.

Rock and Roll: Never though I’d say this, but Rock ‘n’ Roll has gone underground, there have been very few Rock chart toppers this year, which is really sad.

2009: Pretty good music this year, lots of MIA artists came back to the spotlight.

Pop: 2009 is the year of Gaga! Releasing her album ‘ The Fame’. Stefani ‘Lady Gaga’ Germanotta, danced her way to international stardom with massive hits like ‘Poker Face’, ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Just Dance’, the pop world really gained a valuable ally this year. And not to mention Kelly Clarkson and her sugar sweet album ” All I Ever Wanted,”.

Country: Another starlet made it big this year, although I’m not sure I’m happy with it. Taylor Swift topped charts year round with hits like , ” Love Story,” “Our Song”, and “Picture To Burn,” .

Pop Punk: Not many pop punk appearances this year, although Green Day did kick off their tour, which, to say the least, was amazing.

Disney Music: Alright, I have to say props to the JoBros this year, they popped out a pretty good album, and several hit singles ( Fly With Me, Black Keys, Don’t Charge Me For The Crime Ft. Common) and a few good music videos. Miley started her skank trip too.

Alright, enough ranting, but I seriously hope 2011 is better! I already know 2012 will be, the Star Trek sequel comes out!




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CTY Ceremony!

I’m off to my CTY ceremony, I love what I’m wearing and I’m so excited, time to rock this place!

I’ll post pictures later, woo!

My mom’s booked a reservation at a restaurant called BethEm, coeenkeedeenk? I think not!



Wow, I’ve been super busy this past week, so I’ve not had much time on the computer, so this is a catch up post!

Recently, I’ve subscribed to the magazine Seventeen ( geeky I know right?), and I just got my first issue, I was flipping through it and I saw this style that I liked, Glam Grunge, Modern Rocker, Grunge Chic, whatever you’d like to call it, well, it’s my new style!

This is sort of the toned-down look I'm going for....

So while I was being my usual nerdy self, I was looking up the style on Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire etc., well, apparently this is a oneofakindnobodyinthiswholeworldhasevertriedthisbefore thing. So here I am, combining Boho and Edgy to get my new style, and I quite like it!

Meanwhile, I have officially been deemed addicted to the Office, because, who doesn’t go through an Office phase at one point or another? Well, my obsession is partially because of the forever gorgeous John Krasinski.

Love. It.

And, my already established obsession, ‘The Glades’ had it’s series finale Sunday night, depressingly, but, frankly, it was a very good ending, it gave me the ( spoiler!) Jallie ending I wanted, and it didn’t make it a Mary-Sue romance by making it all perfect because now, Callie’s husband is getting out of the slammer!

After school today, I went to a techie/crew meeting for the Fall Play, and thankfully, I was given the part of the Makeup Crew Manager, ( suck it!), and I now get absolute ( almost) control over the makeup department, and all designs must be cleared by me before we go through with them, my only issue is, I’m scared to be tough, ah well, c’est la vie.

Also today, one of my old-ish friends, who shall now be called Janet, gave me a tip to make my hair wavy, while it’s still wet in the morning, put it up in a bun and leave it in all day, then go to bed with it in, and it should be wavy, so it better work or I’m going to spaz so fingers crossed!

My grandparents come on Saturday, and on Sunday is my award ceremon(e)y,YAY!

Well, that’s about my life in a nutshell, but I do think I’ve convinced my mom to take me shopping for new clothes this weekend, woo!



These past few days have been really quite hectic, I haven’t changed very much ( thankfully, if I had to deal with me changing and all this other stuff, I’d probably be hanging by a hanger in my closet right now!).

Thursday was my picture day, and because you know, the world loves me and all, I had my picture taken during gym… which is last period… therefore I had to bring a truck load of make-up to school so I didn’t look like a tramp ( ironic much?).

Overall, I think my picture was pretty good, but I have yet to see it so that’s not final.

Friday was pretty uneventful, I had 3 tests, one of which I wasn’t really prepared for ( math, of course!) and two which were a breeze, ( Science and Journalism). But after school, I went to a pretty sick party at the local teen center, where I met a few girls from a couple of my classes, I may make a separate post for that though…

Today though, today… it was pretty amazing. I woke up at around 8:00, surprisingly early for me. And, when I got downstairs and had some breakfast ( French Toast Sticks, WOO!) my mom mentioned something about going to get shoes for my awards ceremony. So, of course because it’s another pair of shoes, I said yes. While we were in the car driving to DSW, ( and jamming out to a mixture of Lady Gaga, the Beatles and the Downtown Fiction) my mom said, ” Don’t argue with me about the size of the heels, okay?” Which I found sort of confusing because I was going to get flats. When we got into the store, my mom took me to the heels department of the store. Surprise… I was sort of in shock because these would be my first high heels, ever. We were looking for a while, and my mom started classifying the shoes as either, ‘Too, too high’ or ‘Old Lady heels’. And despite me begging to get booties ( how bratty am I?), we got a pair of pumps. And et voila:

My Gawgeous Heels.

Very Dramatic, Lens Flare and All!!

My First Heels!!!

And this is my entire outfit for the awards show:

...Strike A Pose...

I might do a whole post about the party I went to last night, but who knows? I’ll just follow what I’m inspired to do, which isn’t a whole lot at the moment!


I think I’m going to start doing a three day wrap-up every three days, meaning my next wrap up will be on Saturday… not a very effective schedule, but it works.

On Monday, my mom took me to the Mac counter at Macy’s to get my first eyeshadow and eyeliner, perfect timing, as tomorrow is my picture day!

My mom let me get a prep coat, which is basically a really nude shadow, a pink-ish nude shadow and an orange-ish nude shadow. As for eyeliners, I got a medium-dark plum stick liner and a medium-light brown pencil liner, I also got a pink gloss, adding to my massive collection.

Tuesday was rather uneventful, besides a math test that I’m pretty sure I aced, and sadly, I was very, very tired that day, but I stayed up long enough the watch the season premiere of Glee, which oh by the way, shocked me. [[See my notes, at the bottom.]]

Today, was Hell. It was intensely hot out, and because my school is being remodeled, after lunch, when I go back into the main building, there is a lack of AC. Before lunch though, all my classes, with the exception of band, are in Villas ( otherwise known as trailers) behind the school. But after lunch and fifth period, I’m stuck in the building, thankfully I have no core classes that I need to focus on, but nonetheless, in the hot, hot temperatures. I also found out, that over the course of the next two days, I have six test, five of which are in my core classes, one is in an elective. I.Am.Going.To.Die.

Tomorrow is Picture day for my school, and as it was so brilliantly planned out, I have it during my P.E period, which is so conveniently last period. Several girls in my class though, felt the exact same as me, and we’re all going to pitch in and bring in makeup to share. Naturally, I’m in charge of the eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and lip gloss, while another girl is bringing in hair product, and two others are splitting bringing in accessories, fun fun!

And as thankful as I am to my mother, I owe her one last thing, today, while I was on the hot, foul-smelling bus, she texted me and said something along the lines of, ” When u get home 2day, we r going to the mall 2 pick u up a top 4 picture day.”  Don’t you love it when parents use chatspeak? I think it’s brilliant that they are trying to fit in with this millenium, others may think it’s lame…

So, as she said, we went and picked up a top from Abercrombie & Fitch, which I really do like, but my mom on the other hand, hates, with a burning passion, the Abercrombie store, and frankly, I don’t blame her, because you could smell that store from the other side of the mall. Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of me wearing the shirt, because the shirt is downstairs and I’m too lazy to go get it.

My mom and I’s favorite show, Cougar Town, is having it’s season premiere in five minutes, so I’m speeding this up…

Besides me complaining about school, there is some good that has come of it, today during the morning announcements after the Pledge of Alliegence ( which I have yet to master), there was an announcement about a Fall Play, and me, being the drama queen I am, wanted absolutely everything to do with it. During my fourth period English class, my teacher told me that everything, I repeat everything, is student run, clothes, sets, make-up, scripts, directing, everything. So, I decided to toss my dream of being in the limelight away, to have a go at something behind the scenes, so as of tomorrow, I will be signing up to do the costumes and make-up for the play, and I really think this will be benefecial to me, because I can experiment and see what colors look good on who, and what looks good where!

I’m ending this now because Cougar Town is starting, so I hope you all have had a great week! I’ll post later on Saturday!


Starting Place

Well, I guess everything and everyone has to start somewhere, so this is where I’ll start.

This is me now:

Just Me..

Before... hopefully meeting after

And soon, I want to look better than that, but I also want to feel better. I want to be different.

That’s a short post, so I’ll give you a longer one tomorrow!